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About Us

Welcome to Unique Aviation Services

We value and appreciate your interest in our company and we assure you the best of our services and support to take your expectations & promises to the Skies & Beyond.

UNIQUE Aviation Services is UNIQUE as by its name, dependable and delivers the highest standards of service in any affair relating to the aviation industry. Our highly experienced and qualified team delivers a wide range of services such as but not limited to Ground Handling ,Customs Clearance, Air Logistics/ Air Charters,we offer a 24/7/365 days constant support to those dealing with us. We have been working passionately and tirelessly in the Aviation business sector assisting aviation companies and operators who realised that UNIQUE is a top class, independent and transparent company with vast experience and know-how of the industry and to represent our client with the various government bodies concerned.

Our expertise in the field of aviation cannot be challenged without doubt, which can be evaluated by virtue of our’ day to day working style rest assured we will meet the demand of your given criteria of quality and services. Our policy is to extend our hands of cooperation keeping in view the market rates.

Irrespective of the operator size, we deal every client with the same UNIQUE standards of service regardless of their aircraft type or number of aircraft in their fleet. You simply contact us and we arrange everything for you in a UNIQUE way. We are a transparent and honest team, available 24/7.

From a very humble beginning in the year 2007,Unique Aviation Services has today emerged as a a leading aviation company ,with a strong financial standing and catering to the various requirements of our clients in the most desired and customized manner using the state of the art technologies.

However, we at ‘UNIQUE’ believe that everything else stands second to our true assets - our employees. We take pride in knowing each one of them individually and providing them with a work environment that is secure and offers equal opportunity to all for professional growth.The ‘UNIQUE’ way of operating emphasizes loyalty between the Management and Staff by fostering two way responsibilities towards each other. We understand that working efficiently with passion and having fun are not mutually exclusive. Thus, we believe that it is through a smart and efficient combination of work and play that we achieve excellence in our service.

We live by the rule that ‘High value service is a product achieved by combining skills and professional discipline with a human touch’.

'Our First, Second & Third priorities are Excellence In Service’. Our strategy is that ‘we take care of our employees and they in return take care of our customers and business. It is this combination that matters and works the best. And our growing list of satisfied clientele stands testimony to this principle that we follow'.